Child’s Vinyl Apron

Child’s Vinyl Apron

My friend had a darling apron made out of vinyl fabric for her kids when I went to visit her house a few weeks ago.

I totally wanted to make one for my girls out of some vinyl scraps that I have had lying around for ever.  It was a very easy and fun project that I know my girls will love, whether they are playing kitchen in their room, creating with Play-doh or painting a masterpiece.

It wipes off perfectly, and has a couple of pockets for stashing the essentials like a pair of tongs, a sharp knife or a few paintbrushes.

here’s a mini-tut of my how-to:
(sorry, I didn’t take pictures as I went along, as I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out!)

-download the pattern {here}
-cut one pattern piece out on the fold of a sheet of vinyl fabric (I didn’t have a piece large enough, but I was able to piece it…and then I just covered up my seam with my ribbon at the end.)
-cut pocket piece: 13 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
-cut ribbon pieces: 2 – 8″ pieces…the width of my ribbon is 11/2″
2 – 18″ pieces (this is for the two sides that tie around the waist, note that mine is                                different to hide a seam!

-Begin by hemming one of the 13 1/2 “edges of your pocket piece down 1/4”.

-Next, lay your pocket piece down on the right side of your apron piece.  Right sides should both be facing up.  Pin the pocket piece in place along the bottom section of your apron.

-Lay your ribbon pieces in their respective positions.  The neck ribbons should line up perfectly with the shoulder edges of the apron and hang down across the apron.  Pin in place so you don’t accidentally sew or serge them!  Position your waist ribbons approx. 2 inches above the pocket hem.  They should line up with the edge of the apron and lay across the apron.  Pin down so you won’t sew or serge them!

-After the ribbons and pocket have been pinned in place, serge all the way around the apron, this will attache both the pocket and the ribbons in the right places in one quick trip.

-Once the entire apron has been serged, it is time to hem the apron at 1/4″ all the way around.  When you come to the shoulder ribbons, you’ll simply flip them right-side up, and top-stitch them in place.  Same rules apply when you get to the waist ribbons,

-To finish your apron, divide the pocket in two by sewing a simple line right up the middle starting at the top of the pocket, making sure to back-stitch and heading down to the bottom middle of the apron. add some velcro to the neck ribbons so they can take it on and off themselves, and voila! you’re done!

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