the Preferred Pin Cushion

the Preferred Pin Cushion

I’m so excited to share my favorite pin cushion of all time with you!
this is a game-changer…
it’s always exactly where you need it when you’re chugging along, removing pins as you go: it’s right there at eye-level so you don’t even have to skip a beat to look where your pin is supposed to go.
It wraps around the back of your sewing machine…(or you can also wrap it up and over it you need to) and ties in a simple bow.

and…it’s just plain-old pretty.
{i can’t take credit for this one…My in-laws used to own a sewing factory in Arizona.  Back in the day, my MIL used to sell a bunch of things at boutiques, and to earn some extra money, one of my brother-in-laws thought up this awesomeness and busted a bunch out.  So, I’ve been using Todd’s original version for 10 years now, and thought I’d figure out how he did it…and make mine pretty.  Thanks for the fun idea, Todd!)

Here’s what you’ll need:
-6″x 6″ piece of fabric (scrapbuster!)
-double-fold 1/4″ bias tape (you don’t use the whole thing)
-a handful of 2″ thick batting
a small piece of cardboard cut down to 2 1/4″:x 3″
(you can cut cardboard with a ban saw…it cuts like butta…)
that’s it!
To start off, sandwich your piece of fabric in between the two-folds of a 6 inch piece of bias tape, and do this on two opposite sides. Like so:

Next, fold your piece of fabric in half so that the two raw-edges meet.

Next, sandwich both raw edges in between the two folds of the bias tape, only this time, leave yourself 12 inches of slack before you begin stitching…like this:

Once you’ve stitched to the end of your piece of fabric, leave another 12″ tail.

You should now have what looks like a medical mask:  (sorta)

Slip your piece of cardboard into the center of your pocket, situating your bias tape ‘seam’ on the back center:

This is what we have so far:

Next, fold in both corners into the center and pin.  It should meet pretty close to where your cardboard piece is inside.

Stitch a line as close to the cardboard as you can.

Next stuff your super-thick batting through the other side and really pack it in.  You may want to use a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil to make sure that batting gets into the corners.

Once the batting is stuffed in there pretty evenly, repeat the same process as you did on the other side.

by folding the corners into the center.  Pin it in place and use your brute strength, and a zipper foot if you have one to again, stitch a line as close to the edge of that cardboard as you can.

This is what you should get.

Do it, then come back and tell me how much you love it!!

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