Salt Box Re-do

Salt Box Re-do

I thought I’d try my hand at the contact paper scheme one more time.
Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!
I’ve been wanting to paint this salt box with a cute chevron print for a long time now…it’s been sitting in my pile of things to do.
I’ve been scared to attempt it because I wanted to make sure my chevron lines weren’t wonky, and my hand isn’t super steady.
When I found this contact paper, I knew I could try it out on my salt box!

I just wanted to use it as a stencil, just like in my previous post when I first attempted contact paper.
I cut it along the lines, as perfectly as I could.

Then carefully applied it to the sanded, primed and white-painted box.

I tried to align the stripes about an inch apart all the way across.

Next, I again, just sprayed over it with gray spray paint (I wanted a gray box, with white chevron stripes) and let it dry.

the moment of truth: this time, when I peeled off the contact paper, there was a little bit of seepage…only a small amount. ¬†and actually, I was able to carefully scrape away the gray paint with my fingernail on some of the spots that were obnoxious to me.

I finished it off with a top coat…and reassembled the box…

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