Play Tents

Play Tents

My bestie, Jillonnie had pinned {these} awesome play tents.
While we both wanted the darling vintage sheet look, Jillonnie convinced me that the kids would LOVE to paint their own.
(I knew they’d love it, but I was picturing the classic ‘kid paintings’ that we get on the easel…not really what I was wanting.

This was an all-day project for us, juggling kids nap schedules, picking up supplies, sanding, allowing paint to dry, drilling holes, sewing the canvas sheets and then painting with the kids.

Max wanted stripes on his, so I measured and helped him tape off his lines, and he did about 90% on his own (he’s 6)  Ivy did polka-dots with a stencil I had, and loved putting the paint on the stencil and plopping it down.  ( I helped her with placement…she’s 4)  Jillonnie’s kids did their painting free-hand…and they all turned out so awesome!

and they’ve played with them daily ever since!
such a fun project to do for and with your kids!
ps, I used some white canvas fabric that I had on hand which worked great.  Jillonnie used a thrifted sheet.  Both made 2 tents, and both fabrics are perfect.
We used Acrylic paints (like the toll paints you buy at Joann’s.
AND…We bought our wood at both Lowe’s AND Home Depot…but found that Home Depot was $8/tent cheaper….So go to HD!  (I went back to lowes and price-matched!!)

Each tent came out to $4 each…but we didn’t have to buy paint or fabric, just the wood at Home Depot.

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