In a Jam

In a Jam

Last Thursday, I was able to go to one of my friend’s peach trees and pick to my hearts content.
I’ve been dying to get my hands on some peaches to can for years!  Being from Washington, and the daughter of a fantastic canner, having a room full of canned fruits and vegetables is a way of life…and I’ve missed being able to pop open a can of apricots or peaches any time I want.

This was my first time canning peaches by myself, but I had so much fun!
My final count was 10 quarts and 8 pints of canned peaches, 2 freeze-ahead peach pies, 1 fresh peach cobbler (for dessert last night) and 4 containers of freezer jam (yum!)  I still have a little over a dozen left to eat fresh.

On a side note, lately I’ve been so grateful for the (many) people in my life that are totally there for me…anytime I need them.  My husband’s job requires him to travel quite a bit, and I know I rely so much on my friends and neighbors for so many random things.  But, especially, this weekend, my friend Hannah has helped me out in three-hundred and seven ways.  So, I whipped up a little tag to {in a very small way} let her know that I really appreciate her!

Maybe a cute little gift idea for you today!

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