American Girl Dresses

American Girl Dresses

My daughter has finally caught the American Girl Doll bug, and I’m very excited about it…I treasured my American Doll when I was a little girl, and poured over the long-awaited catalogs meticulously when they came in the mail.

Ivy is so in love with her doll, Emily, and loves to change her into different outfits, but all she had to switch was her PJs (which she changes her into nightly) and my old Molly dress that was mine when I was little.
That gets old pretty fast.
So, while I was in Arizona this month, my friend Tara and I tried out a cute little PDF pattern from {this cute little shop}
So far I’ve busted out three:

I was intimidated to make something so small.  I just imagined that the smaller things are, the harder they will become, but this is totally…dare I saw…easy.
Totally do-able!

I love the fact that I can get a dress out of a scrap of fabric.
Sheesh, I have so many scraps, Ivy will have mountains of dresses at this rate!
(will she notice that they’re all the same?!)
The only thing that I adjusted while making these was the width of the skirt.
The pattern calls for the skirt pieces to be cut at 16″…Which I did for the first one I made (which is the turquoise with pin dots)  It’s darling, but I do wish that the skirt was just a little more full.  So, I added 3 inches on to the next two I made, and I like it way better!

I’m stalking etsy shops for more fun…and easy…patterns to mix it up a bit.  Any good ones you can refer me to?!

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