Little Dress Kits

Little Dress Kits

This week, I had the opportunity to try out a pattern from an up-and-coming new company called Little Dress Kits.  I’m super excited to tell you how much I liked sewing with this new pattern!

…and get excited because when I’m done telling you how fun they are, you can enter for a chance to win a pattern of your choice from her selection.

Katie from Little Dress kits started her company because as a beginning seamstress, she was intimidated by the jargon of patterns.  I will admit that those folded stacks of tan tissue paper with all the arrows, notches, dashes and dots intimidate me, too!  I’ve only sewn a handful of items using a classic ‘pattern’ because I don’t really know what I’m doing!  So, Katie’s solution was to create ready-made kits with everything you need to make the piece, and simple instructions to boost your confidence in your sewing abilities and familiarize yourself with the jargon of the sewing world.

So, like I said, as far as sewing garments from a pattern, I still consider myself a rookie, but this kit was nothing but slick.

#1 fun thing that I loved about this pattern: the pattern pieces are self-adhesive.  I didn’t have to pin, and worry about my fabric bubbling underneath where I pinned, etc…I removed the backing like a sticker, and laid it flat on my fabric before cutting.
(and I sure plan on re-using mine, when I was done with each piece, I just stuck them right back on the backing for future use!)
Her instructions were very basic and clear.  I had no trouble following along, and the project was simple and fast.

#2 favorite thing that I loved about this pattern: I didn’t have to worry about getting a certain blend of fabric, and checking out the size chart to make sure that I was getting the right amount of fabric.  and then heading over to the notion section to buy all the little accessories, velcro, buttons, etc that I would need.  Everything you need to create this piece, with the exception of scissors and a sewing machine is included in your kit!

My kit required 3 colors of thread: all three were in my kit.  Velcro, cut to size, check, and rather than buying the smallest cut of fabric that my fabric store would give me to create, say the cross on Ivy’s apron, wherewith I would still be left with a huge scrap of random red fabric, I was given the precise amount that I needed…for all pieces.
This pattern was a pleasure to work with, and I can’t say enough good about it.
Plus…really, this old-fashioned nurse’s apron is magical for a little girl that likes to play Doctor!
Perfect for a beginning sewer, or even someone that hasn’t dusted off their machine in a while.  This would be the perfect project to get you back in the groove.  I hope you get a chance to try one of her fun patterns.

{click here to go the Little Dress Kits website)
And now for the fun!  Here’s a chance to win a pattern of your own:
What you have to do:

-Head over to Little Dress Kits and choose which pattern is your favorite, and then come back and tell us which one you chose
-tweet about the giveaway here on iCandy to @littledresskits (come back and tell us you did it)
-like her facebook page {found here}
-Do those crazy tan tissue paper patterns intimidate you like they do me?  Leave me a comment telling me why!

PS…if you’d just like to forego the contest and purchase your own pattern, be sure to use the code: icandy20 to receive 20% your purchase!

ready, set go!

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