Sand Dollar Specimen Art

Sand Dollar Specimen Art

Aren’t Sand dollars just magic?
They are so rare, at least around here, that when you find one, it’s so exciting!
I’ve had a collection of sand dollars given to me by my MIL sitting in a box to make a specimen art for a long time.
All I needed was a cheap shadowbox to get started, and I finally found one this week at Goodwill.  Woo hoo!
Such a fun easy project, you could do it with scallop shells, or whatever you find at the beach this summer!

Here’s what I did!


-shadow box (got mine at Goodwill (8 x 10))
Burlap ( I only had a scrap left, and it’s just fine!_
-Glue Gun
-Sand Dollars ( I used 12)
 First, cut your burlap to be about the size of the back of your shadowbox frame.  I just roughly cut my strip of burlap and laid it over the backing with a little bit of overlap.
 Hot glue around the perimeter of the backing, and a few lines across the middle to keep it firmly attached to the backing (as you’ll have some weight holding on to that burlap in a minute!)
Then, trim the burlap, just around the border of the frame backing.
 Lay-out your sand dollars in the order that you want.  I had no rhyme or reason to mine, I didn’t care if they were all the same size, or if they were perfect or not: the imperfections make it look more real to me.
 After they are arrranged how you want, just dollop some hot glue on the back and adhere them to the burlap one at a time.
 Once the glue dries, stick the backing carefully back in your frame.
 I have sort of a beachy-bathroom theme going, so I hung it just on the inside of the bathroom door…I think it’s so fun!
 I hope your shell collecting this summer will end up on display, too!

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