Perler Bracelet

Perler Bracelet

Did you know that Jo-Ann’s has a Spring/Summer craft catalog chock full of mini-craft projects to do with your kids?  Whether you have to stay inside because it’s raining, want a project outside when it’s sunny, or want a fun project to have on hand when you’re on vacation, this catalog has something that your kids will love!
I had no idea!
I flipped through their Spring catalog {found here} and thought I’d try my hand at one of them! (There are lots!)
Here’s what I chose:
The Perler Blue Bracelet
I know my daughter would love getting a new piece of jewelry (what girl doesn’t?) and I thought that this might be a fun project that I could do with my 6-year-old (of course making it a little more manly) or to teach some of the older neighbor girls.
I will admit, that when it came time to actually trying this project, I didn’t know if I was smart enough to do it! (The zig-zag pattern in the photo looked a little beyond my brain power these days!)
I decided that it being my first crack at it, I’d make it easy on myself, and forego the zig-zag, and instead I tried for just a 2-colored, striped bracelet.
Turns out, I’m smart enough for this project!
…and I’m super excited to both teach the neighborhood tween-agers how to do this…and share this fun little project with you.
So, the main reason I chose this project because I loved the fact that it was constructed with very few ‘ingredients.’
-2 different colors of Perler beads
-1 spool of elastic thread ( I used white, thin beading elastic found by the thimbles, etc)
-1 larger bead ( I used a random pony bead I had, it’s just to act as a stopper on one end)
-1 large needle…they say it’s optional, but it’s required if you ask me!
For the Joann‘s directions on how to make this bracelet, {click here}
Here’s my two cents added to their directions!
{repin my pin (here) to help me win $100 to Joanns}

-Cut 2 yards of your elastic thread.  (2 yards was EXACTLY the right length for my 4-year old’s wrist…I can fit it on my wrist, but I would definitely cut 3 yards, and then trim the excess when it gets to the size you want!
-Tie a large bead to use as a stopper at one end of the elastic.  (leave some tail!)
-Add 6 beads to the string.  (I used 2 turquoise, 2 white, 2 turquoise)
-Next, add a 7th bead (turquoise), and thread your needle back up through bead #5
-Add an 8th bead (white) and thread your needle back up through bead #3
-Add a 9th bead (turquoise) and thread your needle back up through bead #1.
-Pull elastic tight.
-Start the weave again in the next row, by adding another bead, and threading your needle back through the previous beads, one at a time.  Basically, for each new row, you just add 3 more beads.
-Continue on until your bracelet is the desired length.
To finish:
Untie your pony bead and tie your two ends in a square not.  For added security, I added a dab of nail polish and allowed to dry.  ta-daa.  It’s totally easier than it looks…and really, I’d wear it!

This project took me about an hour from start to finish, and I totally did it while watching a show.  This would be a great activity for kids, and I’m anxious to see how my kids do at it…They’re a hair on the young age at 4 and 6.  (I’ll let you know!)

Did you guys know about this catalog?  Let me know if you try this project, or any others from the catalog out!

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