XL Park Bag

XL Park Bag

I’ve been in desperate need of a large tote bag that I can use to take all of the stuff I need for my son’s baseball games.
I seriously wish I had a picture of what I look like pushing my double stroller that is stuffed to the gills with all of my …well, crap!
Call me a freak, but with a very mobile baby and a 4 year old, games smack dab at dinner time and a very windy city, I bring so much stuff, that my stuff has stuff!
I am in love with my HUGE new tote bag.  I’ve dubbed it my XL Park bag.

My blanket to sit on, and my daughters blanket to cuddle up in when it’s windy (happens a lot around here) the snack bag and dinner for all of us, diapers, wipes, toys for the baby, activities for my daughter to do while we’re there, my camera, phone.  Today, this fit everything in it except my huge wind-blocking umbrella/tent…and it’s CUTE!
Thanks to the new HGTV HOME line of fabric and trims that I talked about {here} I had some really fun new, sturdy fabric to use for this desperately needed project.

For this bag, I used durable home-dec style fabric, so not only is it pretty, but it can take more wear and tear than your average cotton bag.  It can also be reversible.

I didn’t add any pockets to mine, but you definitely could easily!!
I began with 1 yard of each of 2 coordinating fabrics from the HGTV HOME collection
and 1 1/2 yards of trim
To make my bag

To create the square bottom, all you do is open up your bag (still inside-out) so that your side seam matches up to your bottom seam.  When you press it down, this forms a triangular corner.  You can decided how big you want the base of your bottom to be. I measured mine 2 1/2 inches from the tip of the triangle.  Pin your fabric in place, draw a line at you desired distance from the corner, and then stitch along that line.
(the farther the distance from the corner, the bigger the base of your bag will be.)
Repeat this step for both sides of each “bag” (both the outer fabric as well as the lining fabric)
if you need help with this step, you can watch {this video} where I demonstrate how to make the square-bottomed bag.

Now for the trim:

How/where do you start and stop without making the trim look hideous?

Next, for the straps:
With your leftover scraps from either of your fabrics,

This is what you should get:

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have a big bag to carry all of my stuff, rather than carrying around 5 other smaller ones.  This just might be the perfect, easy gift to give this year!
(especially with that dang good sale on fabric that I talked about {here}

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