PR&P Week 3: Mini Mademoiselle

PR&P Week 3: Mini Mademoiselle

Hello friends!
Week 3 of Project Run & Play is here already!
This just might have been our favorite challenge yet.
All in the Details.  What clothing design is all about.
We loved this challenge.
Our Mini Mademoiselle was inspired by our love of the 50’s silhouette and Audrey Hepburn.
Can’t you just picture a young Audrey wearing this dress?
We envisioned our girls wearing these dresses at a cute outdoor cafe in Paris and we were super excited when we found this hotel courtyard that had the right feel for our photo shoot.

We called up the manager and got special permission to take our photos!  We also found these cute shoes at Target that added a little pop of color.

The front of the dress is classic and simple, which we love-

but then there is a party in the back!

The dress is a simple boat neck, cap sleeve dress made mostly out of white poplin which has a nice crisp feel to it.  The back of the bodice is white cotton voile, which has pin-tucks going up at an angle along the neckline.

The voile creates a translucent contrast to the rest of the bodice, which curves up to meet the bottom of the V back neckline.  We created a huge bow, out of black poplin, lined with fusible fleece to hold its shape.  It is sewn on one side of the zipper, and attaches with a large snap once the dress is zipped up.

The bottom of the full, gathered skirt is scalloped.

The girls loved dressing up so elegantly.  They feel so pretty in these dresses.
We hope you love them as much as we do!
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Jen & Autie

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