HGTV Home Fabrics and Trims

HGTV Home Fabrics and Trims

My husband and I have opted to not have TV in our house for several years…it’s been, actually, a great thing for us…please don’t think I’m a freak!  And I will say that neither of us miss it much.  (that’s huge coming from Mr Baseball aka my husband, just so you know.)
Anyway, I will tell you though that when we are at my in-laws house, and I get my kids into bed, I can’t wait to sit myself down on their comfy couch and watch me some good ole HGTV.  Especially Design Star (love it!)
I fear that if we actually paid for TV, I’d be in front of it waaay too much!
Anyways, because I’m such an HGTV lover, I was VERY excited to find out about the HGTV Home line of fabric and trims!
If you love HGTV as much as I do, GET EXCITED!
Here are some of my favorites:
Fun, right?
I totally know.
their new line is available at Joann’s…exclusively…they have an assortment of 30 prints and patterns available in the stores, but online they have an expanded assortment of 74 exclusive designs.  Go check them out {here}
So, here’s a little coupon for you for the HGTV HOME fabric and Trim line that’s valid from today through May 4th.  BUT if you wait, and use it from April14th- May 4th, the entire line will be 50% off and I understand from a very reliable source that you can use this coupon in addition during that time for extra savings.  JUST SAYIN’!

I whipped up a little project for myself with a couple of the fabrics from the line that I’ll share with you later this week, but for now, go peruse the new stuff!

***in full disclosure, I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post.  I really do love HGTV, and am stoked for this new fabric line!!  I was sent a sample of the fabric that I will use in a future post, but this post is purely to share the love with this fun coupon.  enjoy!

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