PR&P WEEK 1: Vintage Cruiser Dress

PR&P WEEK 1: Vintage Cruiser Dress

Project Run & Play Allstars Week 1: ART CHALLENGE
Art.  I grew up with an artist father, who worked in art museums my whole life, and who now paints full time.  You would think that this would be an easy challenge, right? Ha!  I looked up art for hours and nothing struck me as inspirational.  By accident, I found this adorable ink drawing on Etsy that both Autie and I fell in love with.  Maybe not one of the great masters, but pretty darn cute, right? I would love to frame this and put it in my daughter’s room.
It makes me  happy to look at it.
Source: Sarah Frances Art
Turquoise, pink, bicycle, balloons… what’s not to love?
We ended up creating a vintage-style wrap dress for this look.  For some reason, bicycles, balloons and cute little turquoise and white dresses go hand in hand.  The dresses are made out of kona cotton and miles of white bias tape.  If you ever need a lesson in tricky bias tape situations, this dress has it all! Tight curves, inverted corners, and regular corners!  I now am quite the bias tape expert 🙂  Autie, the master embroiderer stitched the bicycle design on one pocket.

The girls love love love these dresses.  They are boat neck, with attached circle skirts so they twirl really well!

I also fiddled around with the flutter sleeve so the bias tape could be between the flutter and the bodice, as well as hem the raw edge.

If you like this dress… go on over to Project Run & Play and vote for us!

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