(tutorial) love potion #9

I thought I’d whip-up a batch of a little Love Potion #9 to get hearts poundin’ around these parts…
Just a little Valentine decoration that is nothing to do, so I thought I’d share.
We bought stock in the stuff as you can see!  
Valentines Day is fast-approaching, you better make yourselves some!

Last week, Jen posted that my baby, Scarlet was in the hospital with something similar to RSV. While she was in the PICU, she was on a special kind of oxygen that wouldn’t allow me to breast-feed her.  (She’s solely a breast-fed baby, so this was hard on both of us!)  But the positive side is that they gave her formula out of these fabulous glass bottles…
(ps, I think I was on crazy sauce when I was taking these pictures…not my best work!)
 …I started hoarding them…
a few slipped through my clutches as my husband and nurses were not keen to my stash…but I was able to bring 8 home!
 I sprayed the lids with red spray paint…
stuck on some vinyl that I cut (I used the Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge)
I filled the bottle up with 2 drops of red food coloring and the rest water,
and tied the #9 tag on with some fake bakers twine my MIL gave me…fun little Valentine for me to give to my friends!!

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