Reader Project: Valentine’s Day Wreath

Reader Project: Valentine’s Day Wreath

Today we are super excited to share a project submitted to us by one of our friends…who is also a reader.  She is just starting to get back into crafting after being in graduate school for the past few years.  She was inspired by a fun Valentine’s Day wreath she saw on Pinterest.

It’s been a few years since I’ve crafted, but I got an idea from Pinterest and I had to make it!   I found this tutorial on White Peach Blog that inspired me to make my own wreath, which helped me establish a loving spirit in my home for Valentine’s Day!  


I followed the tutorial and it came together nicely!

Here are some mistakes I made…so you don’t have to!
1. The yarn I selected was too dark. I should have gone for black or a lighter grey.  The yarn also had a rickrack design. I think this distracts from the overall visual impact I wanted. 

2. I should have gone with a different heart color combination (red/white or pink/white) for more pop! However, the yarn was super soft and I loved working with it.


3. The wreath I bought was the most expensive part of the project, so I’ve searched for cheaper ways for you to do it. Others have used a pool noodle which would have been the perfect scale. You can also go to the plumbing section of Home Depot and obtain 6’ of pipe insulator for a buck or so. Cut your noodle or insulation to the right length then duct tape it. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Thanks so much for sharing your project, Christiane!

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