Mathematical Valentine

So, I thought I had a really fun and easy idea in my head.
Probably the reason I had never seen it, was because it doesn’t work…
So, here I am telling you, because I think I’m a little bugged at the people that have tried this, and didn’t tell anyone else that it doesn’t work.
just saying.
unless, that is…I’m the only one in the world that thought this would work…hmmm
My genius brain imagined that freezer paper stenciling (totally cheap and awesome stuff) would totally work on painter’s canvas.
Am I dumb?
freezer paper doesn’t, I repeat, doesn’t stick to painter’s canvas.
But I really wanted to do my little Valentine idea, and I had already cut addition equations out…and I certainly didn’t want to go back, bust out the vinyl, and do it the RIGHT way…so I pressed forward.
┬áSo, this post is not a tutorial, sorry…it’s a what not to do.
But, I kind of think my addition sentence was a pretty cute Valentine for my hub…
{Jeff + Autie = Max, Ivy & Scarlet}
so, here’s a fun idea for maybe your family for next year, just make sure you use vinyl…
…and save the freezer paper for t-shirts and such.

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