(tutorial and pattern) Her Favorite Sweater

 For Christmas, Emily got a purple sweater that she just LOVES. She would probably wear it every day if it was clean.  
And I am terrible at keeping up with the laundry so I thought I would duplicate 
it in knit so she had other options.
I let her look at my stash and pick out the fabrics she wanted.  I did give suggestions… 🙂
She loves this cute print, and I thought it would be super fun to do in this style.
 Had some of this cute textured white knit left…

This was the rest of the fabric I had used on her maxi dress. It is two layers/reversible fabric and perfect on a cooler day.
Aaron really wanted in on the photo shoot so I had to throw this one in.  I used my new 50 mm f/1.8 lens! Love it!  Just have to keep practicing with it.
This is a super easy project and great do do assembly-line style if you want to make multiples.
Here is a size 6 pattern.  It would fit a size 5 too.  
I probably would make it one inch longer if I made it again.. fyi.
Thanks for tuning in!

Want to make one?


about 3/4 – 1 yard knit fabric
Print and assemble your pattern.  
Cut out your pattern pieces and bands.
1 neck band, 1 hem band, 2 sleeve bands

Stitch neck band onto neckline, stretching band in between pins to match up with neckline.
(Sorry no photo of this)

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