Basic Bodice Design Series: Girl. Inspired.

Basic Bodice Design Series: Girl. Inspired.

Are you ready for another fabulous design in our


We are super excited to welcome Stef from Girl. Inspired.  Stef is a super talented designer with
a girly, feminine aesthetic.  It is so fun to see all of her amazing things that she creates.
Just recently, she made this adorable jacket:

She is your one-stop shop for any little princess:

Go on over to Girl. Inspired to see more of her awesome creations!


Hi, I’m Stef from Girl. Inspired.  I love the idea behind Jen and Autie’s Basic Bodice Design series.  Everyone’s designs really get the ideas flowing, don’t they?  I find it so much easier to take some liberties with a new garment if I am working off of a basic piece with which I’m already comfortable!

 So, right now in my house, I’m sewing up Christmas outfits, of course.  With three girls close in age, I want to make their looks a little different from one another, but still cohesive.  Today, I get to share with you my first design, where I’ve taken a basic bodice and added a lace overlay, collar, and buttons to dress up the whole look!
It is so simple to add lace to a basic dress.  All you have to do is cut all of your main pieces twice – once out of your main fabric and once out of your lace (plus your lining pieces – so three total of each bodice pattern piece)!  Because I didn’t want the seams to show through the lace, I layered each lace piece on top of the main bodice pieces, basted them together, and then continued with another set of lining pieces.
 I did the basting one half at a time so that I could press and spread everything evenly before pinning and basting the other half.  Also, I considered the basting along the neckline my staystitching, and followed the direction of stitching as indicated in the pattern instructions.
 Now, you’re ready to add in that super cute collar; proceed just as you would if you were working with a single-layer bodice.
 Proceed with lining the bodice.
 And now, you’re ready to finish the armholes, sew the front and back together along side seams (bodice and lining separately) and finish off your dress.  I added a double layer circle skirt to complete the “dress.”  Then I hemmed the lace by finishing it with bias tape.  Then I hemmed the underskirt too short, which turned my “dress” into a “shirt.”  (Next, I’ll be making pants – haha!)
The finishing details really make this dress/top a standout, I think.  A narrow sash and a whole row of beautifully covered buttons down the back, plus two beneath the collar on the front – mmmmm, I just love the touch of class that they add.
 And that’s it!  This pretty little thing takes a bit of extra work, but the end result is so worth it!
I’d love for you to visit me over at Girl. Inspired.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some progress soon on some pants to go with this little number!!  And the other girls’ outfits, too!  Thanks so much for having me over here, Jen and Autie!

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