Basic Bodice Design Series: Alida Makes

Basic Bodice Design Series: Alida Makes

Today we are excited to introduce our friend Alida from Alida Makes.  
She is sharing a very cool tutorial for our
We were in the same season of Project Run & Play with her and love her creations.
I am sure you have seen this fabulous women’s top floating around Pinterest:
How about this adorable wool jacket she made for her daughter?
She has some great practical tutorials and even stuff for baby.
 Head on over to her blog and check it out!
Hey y’all!  I’m Alida from Alida Makes and I’m so excited to be here!  Today I’ve taken a basic bodice and dressed it up with a fun sash that ties into an asymmetrical bow.  For the basic bodice and dress construction I used THIS TUTORIAL by Lindsey Wilkes of the Cottage Home

Here is how you modify it:

Hem the dress, then make the sash into a bow:
Now you have a dress worthy of a family portrait!  Thanks for having me!  I have many more fun tutorials at Alida Makes HERE.

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