Anthro Knockoff: Duo Colorblocked Top

Anthro Knockoff: Duo Colorblocked Top

While I have been waiting for Fall to come to Southern California, I have been inspecting my wardrobe to see what is lacking.  I have lots of 3/4 sleeve cardigans, TONS of target v-neck tees, and plenty of jeans (thanks to the Old Navy skinny jeans sale 🙂
What I am missing, is long sleeves.  I know it doesn’t get very cold here compared to almost everywhere else, but there definitely is a place for long sleeves.
So I was browsing my Pinterest board, and came across an Anthro long sleeve tee that I pinned a while back. I decided to recreate it.  I didn’t have a good solid gray knit, but I had this subtle stripe that I thought worked:
I had a small amount of a nice turquoise knit that I combined with it.
Here is the Anthro version:
I am super happy with how it turned out.
I want to make a couple more in different color combos.
I made a pattern that is based on a size M long sleeve Gap tee
that I just bought this past weekend.
You can download the Size Medium Pattern here from Google Docs.
When you print, your paper should not overlap.  Just butt the pages together.  There may
be some spaces, so just connect the lines.
I really like the fit and the project
only takes a few hours….Unless you serge and reinforce a sleeve in 
inside out like I did and have to unstitch it 🙁 
Happy Sewing!
About a yard of the top material
1/2 yard bottom material
double needle

 Here is a tutorial on how to stitch the band into place.
 **Using a double needle is necessary, since this is a fitted shirt and the hems must stretch.

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