Shirred Shoulder Tee

Shirred Shoulder Tee

This summer I came up with a few nice, basic patterns for everyday wear.

For me.
(And Autie 🙂
I created a couple of loose fitting cap sleeve patterns,
one of which I loved and one that I didn’t love.
I bought some cute knit downtown LA and eagerly cut out one of the tees.
Then I realized, too late 
that I used the wrong pattern!
I took it over to Autie’s to see what could be done.  We fiddled with the armhole a bit, and then she suggested shirring the shoulder!
It was genius, I tell you.
Two seams later, I LOVED the top.
I wear it all the time.
I have adjusted the size M pattern to reflect our changes,
and it can be found here. (Google Docs)
FYI, my measurements are as follows, in case you need to know what a Medium means:
Waist: 30″
Full Bust: 37″
If you are a little (an inch or two) smaller or bigger, this top should still work.  
Or you could add a bit or take away a bit from the sides.  
Using an existing fitting tee is always a great idea.
Want to make one?

Materials: About 1 yard of knit fabric

Cut out your pattern pieces, one back and one front.
Cut your neckband.  Dimensions are written on the pattern.
 You can also use a double needle for all seams that need to stretch.  Just use a very narrow seam allowance if you do that.
 For this top, use a 1/2″ bottom hem.
Last step: (Sorry no picture!)
Using elastic thread in your bobbin, sew one line of shirring along your shoulder seams.  Tie off or backstitch the ends.
So easy and adds that little “something” to a basic tee.

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