Everyday Basics: Maxi Mayhem

Everyday Basics: Maxi Mayhem

So for the last month or so, I have been busy cutting out and sewing multiples of some super awesome basics (at least I think so…) for everyday wear.
I took some of my favorite wardrobe staples and created patterns.
Maxi Collage
I know I probably have posted the Maxi Skirt to death,
but I promise this is the last of them for a while, maybe ever? I just love to wear them.
They are as comfortable as pajamas, and look way better than jeans shorts.
They are perfect for all seasons, too.
So when I had my cutting fest, I decided to make five.
That’s plenty, right??
Most of them are based on my “Classic” Maxi pattern,
size Medium,
which is uploaded here, on Google Docs.
I used a medium knit maxi skirt I bought at Brass Plum
(Nordstroms juniors dept.) a couple of years ago
to make the pattern.
I used a variety of fabrics and techniques and love the way they turned out!
 Just narrowed this one down.  Same pattern as the original mismatched maxi I posted here, but not cut up.
Didn’t buy enough fabric (oops!) to do the stripes horizontal, so this was a “make it work” moment.
With some advice from a friend, I just cut the pieces with the stripes going every which way, however I could get the pattern pieces to fit.  I actually LOVE how it turned out.
 Cut up my “Classic” maxi pattern to be a roomier version of the Mismatched Maxi.
Cut the bottom off of my “Classic” maxi, and then cut a rectangle the width of the fabric.
Ruffled it up and attached it with the raw edge showing.
You can use my tutorial for my Everyday Skirt… it is a short skirt but you follow the exact same steps when constructing a maxi, it is just longer.
Here is the pattern map:
My waist and hip measurements are as follows, in case it is helpful in determining how the pattern might fit you.  
Waist: 30″
Hip: 39″

                                         REALLY easy to size up or down, just move the side seam out a bit.  Allow for the stretch of the fabric.


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