knit cover-up

knit cover-up

So, I know that summer is over, but it’s still warm enough here to head over to the pool or beach after school!  I’ve been meaning to make a swim suit cover up all summer long, and only recently had a chance to do it…so here it is, and here’s what I did…it’s so easy!
I started out with Jen’s pattern to her Classic Maxi, which she shared with you on Tuesday, and only made a few changes to her tutorial to get what I wanted.
pattern {here}
Measure: your bust size…do it with your swim suit on, or at least a bra that will sort of give you the same measurement as if you were wearing your swim suit.  Take that measurement and then subtract a good 4-5 inches (it could be more) from it.
Bust size measurement (Y inches) x 17inches…
My bust measurement was about 35 inches…so, I cut my strip 30 inches x 17 inches
Using the Classic Maxi pattern, measure 22 1/2 inches down from the top of the pattern in several places and make a mark.  Cut your fabric along that line.
If you’d like a ruffle:
Cut 2 strips 8 1/2 inches x the length of the fabric.

So, here’s my mini-tut, because really, it’s very similar to Jen’s exposed ruffle maxi from yesterday:
Using your ‘bust strip’, sew/serge the strip together along the 17 inch edge so that you have 1 long loop.
Next, fold it in half, so you have the right-side of the fabric on  both sides of your loop.

Use the Trusty Maxi pattern {found here} for the tutorial on how to put the rest of the cover up together, but instead of hemming the bottom of the cover-up, you’ll sew on your ruffle strip, and leave both edges raw.
Directions for your ruffle:
Sew your ruffle strips together, ruffle it by making the length of the stitch on your sewing machine as long as possible.  About a half an inch from the top of the loop.  Back stitch at the beginning to hold your stitches in place, but make sure to NOT back stitch at the end.  Once you’ve sewn around the perimeter, leave your threads long, and pull the bobbin thread gently, while pushing your fabric along.  Once your ruffle is about the same measurement as the bottom of your ‘maxi’ stitch it on.  I chose to leave my ruffle raw (with a striped fabric, it was easy to sew it on straight)  I just laid my strip down on top of my dress, and stitched it directly onto the front.  Jen chose to make a finished ruffle on hers (seen below) and she laid her ruffle down bottom of the cover-up to the top of the ruffle strip, (right-sides together) and stitched it on that way.
Either way is cute!

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