DIY Hot Pad Just-In-Case kit

DIY Hot Pad Just-In-Case kit

My Mother-in-law has been making these for years.
A twist on the idea of our Summer Essentials Kit that we posted {here}when summer was in full swing.
Rather than corralling all of your summer necessities, this is a one-stop shop for all of your item’s you’d need {just in case}.  Band-Aids, alcohol pads, q-tips, safety pins, bobby pins, rubber bands, a pair of latex gloves, hard candies, etc.
But, instead of the heavy-duty place mat and gallon-sized bags, like we used {here}, we’ve used a hot-pad and snack bags.  And, with a couple of other car essentials, it fits perfectly in your glove box, just in case.
 I’m in charge of the women’s additional activities at church, and we busted out a ton of these the other day, it is quick, easy and fun.  This might be a good idea for mini Christmas gifts, etc.
Want a quick tut on how to make them?

Supplies Needed:

1 Hot Pad (I got mine at IKEA, 2/$2…( I like the plain gray)
6-8 snack-sized Ziploc bags
1 8 inch strip of bias tape
1 medium-sized button
Pins, scissors, sewing machine, etc
(optional, you can heat-n-bond on a monogram of a random fabric if you want)
 1. Mark the center of your hot pad (you can see my green marks) and layer your snack-sized bags over the center, as shown.  (I did 3 bags on each side)
 2. Next, fold the tip of your bias tape down about a quarter of an inch, and pin it in place straight down the center of the hot pad (making sure that it runs through each of your ziploc bags.  Sew a rectangle around the perimeter of the bias tape, folding both ends of the bias tape under as you go.
 3.  You will have some bag over-lappage when you’re don’e so just trim it off with some scissors, being careful to not cut through any of your bags.
 (back view)
 4. Some hot pads come with the loop in exactly the right place…Mine didn’t.  Sew, I stitched some reinforcing stitches along the edge where the existing loop was positioned, and then trimmed it off…and moved it so that I could use it as the loop for the closure in the side-center.
 5. Don’t forget that you can sew your buttons on using your sewing machine very easily!  (we showed you how {here})
6. Fill in your bags with anything you just might need!

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