One Shoulder Ruffled Maxi Tutorial

One Shoulder Ruffled Maxi Tutorial

Finally wrote the tutorial for this dress!
 I had lost some of the pics, so it was a bit of a project to put together, but I did my best!

Yardage depends on length of dress, and what parts you use contrast fabric, if any.  Scroll down and do the math before buying your fabric…


Using this pattern, cut 2 out of your fabric.

Next, cut the following:

1. Armhole Binding:
Measure armhole (on one pattern piece) with your measuring tape.  Multiply that by 2.  Take this number and multiply it by 80%.  Cut a strip that long by 2″ tall.  The stretch should be across the length.

2. Neck Binding:
Using one pattern piece, measure from the top of the neckline at the shoulder seam, down to the side seam.  Take that number and multiply by 2.  Take this number and multiply it by 80%.  Cut a strip that long by 2″ tall.  The stretch should be across the length.

3. Strap:
Cut a strip 3″ long by 10″ tall, stretch across the length

4. Neck Ruffle:
Measure the neckline (of one of your pattern pieces) again, and multiply by 2. Take this number and multiply by 2 again.  Cut a rectangle this long by 4 1/2″ tall. Stretch along the length.

5. Main Skirt Panel: 
Measure child’s waist.  Multiply this by 1.75.  Cut a rectangle this long by however tall you want it.  (Take the total length you want the dress, and subtract the height of the bodice and bottom ruffle.)

6. Bottom Ruffle:
Cut a rectangle the fabric width by however tall you want this ruffle to be.

 Take your arm binding strips:

Here is a good tutorial for knit bindings.  Just scroll down to Method Three: Enclose and trim (the Ottobre method)

 Stitch ruffle onto main skirt piece. Remove basting stitches.
Stitch skirt onto bodice.  Remove basting stitches.

OK- Here is where I lost the rest of the pics…Bear with me…

Neck Ruffle:
 Cover the raw edges with the neck binding.  First sew side seams of binding together, then pin evenly around neckline.  Stretch as you apply.

Now for the strap.  Fold the strip in half lengthwise, and stitch it together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Turn it right side out.  It is a tube.  At this point, try the dress on your child.  Mark where you want the strap and/or pin strap into place.  Stitch into place, right over the stitches where you stitched the neck binding in place.  Trim longer edges of strap.

That’s it!
It is actually quite a project.  Would love to see any attempts!

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