Downeast Basics Skirt Knock-off

Downeast Basics Skirt Knock-off

I’ve been eyeing this ruffle skirt in the Downeast Basics catalogue.  
I’ve been putting off making it because I thought it would be a big project, and big projects just aren’t happening around my house right now!  But when I saw Jen’s pattern for her everyday skirt that she posted this week {here}  I just used her pattern as the base, slapped a few ruffles on top and called it good!
lemon-squeezy, as they say.
 I loved the way it turned out, but when I was all done, and put it on me…having just turned t-h-i-r-t-y, it made me feel like I was trying too hard to be…well, younger.  It was cute, but really, would look way cuter on…my cute niece who’s in High School.  And, yep…stinkin’ so cute on her, right!?!  She makes everything look cute, but this was just the right fit!  Thanks, Aimee!
 So, if you want to make your own, here is the info you need to slap some ruffles on!

Each ruffle is 6 inches in length.

*So, after the skirt was sewn together, but before putting the waist band on, I marked off where each ruffle would begin.  Ruffle 1 lined up right along the top edge of the skirt, and would be sewn together when I sewed the waist band on.  I then measured 4 inches down, and made a mark, and then 4 inches down from that line, and again, 4 more inches down from that line.
{That will be the bottom edge of your dress, so I gave myself an inch below the 4th ruffle line, and then cut off the rest of the skirt and serged the edge.
*Next, I measured the width around the skirt where each ruffle would be.  I wanted each ruffle to be twice as long as the skirt, so here is how my measurements turned out:
Ruffle 1: 68″ (cut 2 strips of 34″ x 6)
Ruffle 2: 76″ (cut 2 strips of 38″ x 6
Ruffle 3: 84″ (cut 2 strips of 42″ x 6)
Ruffle 4: 96″ (cut 2 strips of 48″ x 6
(I did have to piece some of my strips because of my cut of fabric…but with the ruffles, you can’t tell, so it worked out ok.)
*I sewed each ruffle strip together, and used a rolled-edge hem on the bottom of each ruffle.
*Next, I ruffled the top of each strip, and adjusted to fit on it’s respective line.
*Starting from the bottom ruffle, and working my way up, I sewed each ruffle on.  When I got to the top ruffle, I basted the ruffle to the skirt, and then stitched the waist band on, as Jen did in her previous tut.

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