Whimsy Couture A-line tunic

Whimsy Couture A-line tunic

I finally had the opportunity to try out one of the patterns designed by Whimsy Couture
You may recall {this post} where we introduced them to you.  There designs are so bright and fun, i love just looking at their fun pictures!
I chose to try out the A-line tunic…it has the option to be a reversible dress which is what drew me to it.
here she is:
The fact that this pattern was reversible made me a little nervous about it, because it’s like making a lined bag…really, I just can’t wrap my brain around how making a lined bag works.  I’ve made them before, but to think about it and tell someone else how to do it, without following some very illicit instructions…nope, brain shuts down.  So, I was worried that I’d go on brain overload with this one.
However, just like a lined bag…so easy…just follow each step, line by line, and it’s nothing.  I still can’ wrap my brain around how I did it…but I totally did it on the first try!

While this could be a reversible dress, Ivy chose her own fabric…she was so excited and loved the fabric so much, when I realized that I really couldn’t make it reversible because it was white, and pretty thin, I just decided to put the same fabric on the inside.  (so, I guess if she spills on it, no harm, no foul, right?)

The pattern was super easy to follow, it was a quick project, and I love that I can do the same one, and just stick a ruffle on the bottom, and it’ll look like a totally different dress/pattern.
now I have my eye on {this one}:  yum!
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