Vinyl Tablecloth and Bunting

Vinyl Tablecloth and Bunting

Here’s my oops project.

Do you ever buy something on super sale and get caught up in the brilliance of the price so much that you fail to read the fine print?  Well, I was gifted this vinyl tablecloth for our patio table.  I was so excited to get it because I’d been wanting to play Play-doh outside (way less clean up) with my daughter, and this was just the thing that I wanted to use on our table.  I shoulda read the fine print, though because when I busted it out, seconds before the Play-doh pandemonium was to start, I realized that I had opened up a tablecloth that was completely the wrong shape.  Square peg/round hole situation here…sorta.
Fear not, we still played, but had I read the fine print earlier, I could have just gone and exchanged it.  Dang!
But, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?
I thought I’d try out my serger on flannel-backed vinyl…and just make ‘er work.
 So, using a yard stick, I measured around the shortest edge of the tablecloth…it happened to be exactly 36 inches.  and I drew a line every so often marking a circle all the way around…
 …and the serger took it like a champ.
perfect Play-doh station!
but, I had soooo much wasted tablecloth left-over, that I thought I’d give another little project a whirl: a weather-friendly bunting.

Not that I love this print the very most, but it’s bright and summery and cheery…and if by chance you saw a really fun printed one on sale, this might be a fun party decoration idea for cheap…and it really was a fast project!  I thought I’d try out a bunting with the extra yardage, since the fabric serged so nicely.
 I cut several 5 inch strips using my rotary cutter.
 and using the 45 degree edge cut eight-hundred-bazillion triangles.
  I layered several strips on top of each other, and literally had so many triangles in no time.
 Next, I paired 2 triangles together, and serged down two of the sides
 like so:
After I had them all trimmed and ready, I pinned them under neath a length (actually several packages worth) of white double-fold bias tape that I had in my stash and stitched a straight line down the fold to hold them all into place.

 Sort of a silly project, but it was free-to-me, and a fast project…and like I said, if you find a cute print, it just might be a fun little outdoor, weather-friendly decoration…
and now we play Play-doh in style!

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