DIY Market Sign from an Ikea Easel

DIY Market Sign from an Ikea Easel

The other day I was over at my friends house and she had one of {these}:
 it had been her daughter’s first birthday present, and over the past 5 years hadn’t gotten so trashed that it had seen better days.
So, we fixed it up together, painted the light wood a fun color, re-chalkboard painted the inside because the original was all scratched up and then painted a fun frame on it to make every chalk drawing a masterpiece.
It turned out so cute!


Then, next thing I knew, I went to go pick up some cupcakes from a new cupcakery that a friend’s sister just opened up.  I walked in the DARLING little shoppe and saw another plain ikea art easel with her specials chalked on it.  She had chalked it up really cute…cuter than I could do, but I was just totally in the mood for another makeover; it was so fun!…it never hurts to ask!
So, I asked her if I could…borrow it…I showed her a picture of the turquoise one, and she gave me permission to steal it for a few days…
Pinky’s Cupcakery now has their specials written on this:


what a fun gift for a teacher appreciation gift…or to anyone, really.
anyway…try one yourself!  It’s a super quick and fun project!

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