DIY Layers of Sunshine Dress

DIY Layers of Sunshine Dress

That’s what my life has been like lately.  So busy.
We are starting the adoption process again, and are in the paperwork stage.  It is NEVER-ENDING.
I guess I understand why, but holy cow, it is so overwhelming how much there is to do to get approved.
I also just became bookkeeper for my husbands new(ish) business and we had a ton to sort out this past week.
Combine that with regular mom duties, this blog, and my other online business (Online Notary Institute)
I am one busy girl. Staying up way too late every night trying to get it all done.
Typing this out feels scary…
But somehow, it works out.  Most of the time.
Except last week, my weekly project just didn’t get done. It was bound to happen sometime and I am trying so hard to get back on track!
So here it is today instead.
I finished it up late late Sat night and had one happy girl who got to wear it to church yesterday.
She just loves ruffles so much! It is so funny.
The fabric I used for this dress was so fun! To look at, that is.  To sew on, not so much.  It stretches in all directions and drove me a bit crazy.  Also while sewing this dress, I decided that as much as Emily appreciates ruffles, I do not enjoy sewing them on.  Shame on me.
On the bright side, this dress brings me a bit of sunshine just looking at it.  So fun.
Want to brave the ruffles and make one?
You can either download the size 5T pattern here or make your own!


About 2 yards knit material
If you are making your own pattern:

Once you have your pattern:

For the main part of the dress, use the tutorial for my perfect fitted cap sleeve tee here.  It is the exact same steps.  Then come back here for the ruffle part.

For the ruffles:

If you need more help with sewing ruffles, here is a great post I just read.
FYI…The raw edge of the top ruffle shows.  On purpose.

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