LA Fabric District Guide

LA Fabric District Guide

Ok- I know I usually have a project up on Thursdays
but things have been crazy around here this week and I just haven’t quite finished it up yet.
Coming soon, I promise!

Anyway, about once a week I get an email asking where to go to find good fabric (especially knits) in the LA fabric district.  So instead of emailing and re-emailing that information, I thought I would post it to make it easy for everyone!  Just a note, the LA fabric district is not the place to find discount quilting cottons.


Jen’s Guide to the LA Fabric District
Print Map Here – Places below are marked on map
(It is light but you can still read street names)
**Bring plenty of cash.
**I don’t recommend bringing small children (Some stores you can’t even fit a stroller in to!)
110 Freeway
Exit 9th Street Downtown Exit
1. FIDM Scholarship Store
** This place used to be $1.00 per yard, but has gone up to $2.00 just recently. (They do have $1.00 sales though) The fabric is in the back of their scholarship thrift store, on the corner of Grand and 9th. After you exit 9th street off of the 110, turn Right on Grand, and park in a meter.  You can use your credit card in the meters.  The fabric selection is hit/miss.  There is usually lots of upholstery fabric in golds and beiges, lycra, and sometimes some great knits. You just have to dig through stuff.
**From FIDM, Turn Left on Olympic Blvd, Turn Left on Olive, and go back to 9th.  Turn Right on 9th.  Go all the way to San Julian, Turn left, and park up the driveway on your right. (There are other places to park, but this one is one of the cheapest!)  Cross the street to the place right next to the corner shop.  It is a huge mess. Always.  You can barely walk down the aisles…This place has lots of striped knit.  The quality is mostly very light-weight and probably not the best, but you can’t complain, for $1 a yard.  Cash Only.
3. Angel Fabrics (Love this place!)
**Walk up 9th to Maple Ave. Turn Right.  Angel Fabrics is on the right hand side.  They have a great stripe knit selection,  $2 per yard. The quality varies…some are pretty good and others are super thin.  Usually if I like the print/pattern, I buy it anyway if it is for a child’s dress or a maxi skirt for me.  You can always make it work (with a slip or leggings), and it isn’t a huge investment!  They also have lots of patterned knits, and tons of other kinds of fabrics.  Some cottons, but limited.
4. Michael Levine Loft (My favorite!)
**Go Back the way you came from on Maple, and cross ninth.  On the right side of the street.  Give yourself some time with this place.  HUGE GINORMOUS boxes of fabric to dig through.  Pay $2.50 per pound.  Crazy, huh!  I always leave this place with a huge pile of fabric!
5. Michael Levine
**Across the street from the Loft, on the left side of the street.  Not a discount store, carries all kinds of fabrics.  Great selection of designer cottons, and does carry knits too.
Next door to the Loft, is Michael Levine Home fabrics.  There are some great home decor fabrics there.  Not really inexpensive, but a nice selection.
So those are my staples to hit for knits especially, but there are tons of random places to just browse in, that carry lots of different kinds of fabrics, vinyl, etc.  You can find just about any type of ruffle fabric in some of the smaller stores along 9th street for about $7.00/yd and if you are in the market for fancy fabrics and lace, you will  not have any problem at all finding it!
Well, happy shopping!
Have tons of fun.
I know I always do.

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