DIY Gathered Maxi w/Sash

A few weeks ago, on Spring Break, I got a babysitter one morning and
made a quick trip to the Fabric District.
It was time for some Spring/Summer fabrics.
I only had two hours to spend there, (so I really hustled!)
but I came home with some great finds.
At Michael Levine Loft, where you pay by the pound- only $2.50/lb- I found a
super fun summery tribal-ish jersey in one of the huge bins of random fabric.
It was just an odd shaped remnant- a big triangular piece was chopped out of it.
There was JUST barely enough to make this maxi out of.
I definitely didn’t reinvent the wheel here with this one, but I think it is actually a very
flattering style with
the wide waistband and sash.
I just used the same method as with the Hopscotch Skirt,
but didn’t cut out/offset the center piece, and made it longer.
This sash is skinnier by default because I seriously used every scrap of that fabric
I could…and pieced it together in about 4 spots.
I would have made it wider but not enough fabric! Darn.
But a skinny sash is better than no sash!
This skirt was such a great easy project! Grab some fun fabric and make yourself one!
I know I will make more…I plan to wear these all summer long!

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