Semi-Homemade iPod or iPhone Running Belt

Semi-Homemade iPod or iPhone Running Belt

The past few months, I have been training for this race called the Ragnar Relay.  It is a 12 person overnight relay race, where your team covers 200(ish) miles in 36 hours.  Each person runs three legs during that time frame.  I ran my first one last fall in Napa Valley, CA and it was so much fun.
This past Friday and Saturday was the SoCal one, which started in Huntington Beach, and ended on Coronado Island in San Diego.
Just Finished!
I have never been a runner, but training for this race has really stretched me.  For the first time in my life, while training, I ran more than 5 miles.  Never thought I would/could do that!  Thank goodness I did, because my first run was 5.5 miles uphill. the. whole. time. (in 100 degree weather, I might add)
This was Friday afternoon.  I didn’t run the whole time, but I made it to the end without dying!  The next run was at 4am and only 4 miles, and it was great because it was a lot of downhill and nice and cool out.  Finally, my last run was Saturday, at around 4pm.  This one was 5 miles, but it was basically flat and foggy and cool outside.  Much better.
So pretty much all of my training prior to the race was at the gym on a treadmill.  I do this because I just can’t run long distances pushing a stroller.  I also don’t run at 6am or 9pm, which is what I would have to do without kids.  So the gym it is.  I bring my iPad and watch shows while I run.  It is great.
During this race, however, I needed a way to listen to my music on my iPhone.  I did not want to wear it on my arm, too uncomfortable!  So I googled it, and came across a site that sold these cool belts with attached pouches to carry iPods or phones.  There was no way to order one in time, so I thought, hey…I can make something like that!
I could have made the pouch, but I had too much going on last week in the time before the race.  So I went to Target, and found a cheap(ish) little sunglasses case with a zipper on top.  Perfect size for my phone.  So
I grabbed some 2″ black elastic and whipped this out in 5 minutes!
My husband laughed at it, but I wore it on all my runs and it was PERFECT!  It probably would have been better looking if it was neoprene, but it was so functional, it didn’t matter.
Like my sweet bandana? It kept the sweat out of my eyes…

Here is how to make one:


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