DIY Vintage-Trimmed onesies

DIY Vintage-Trimmed onesies

Hey guys!
I’m back, but not quite back up to speed quite yet, but I’m for sure feeling good, and my little baby Scarlet is suuuuuch a good baby!  I’m so lucky!
Anyways, in preparation for her arrival, I rifled through my Mother-in-Law’s stash of her mother’s trims and picked a few of my favorites to spruce up some Onesies.
 I did nothing but trim the trims down-to-size, and then do that elastic stitch, (which looks like a dashed zig-zag stitch) around the neck-line.
…and, don’t forget Jen’s cute onesies that she made {here}
I’ve loved seeing little miss Scarlet in them the last couple of days.
So, I just thought I’d share a fun, quick and easy project with you!
I whipped so many of these up so fast, I’d love to give them as a shower gift!
 I hope you had a Happy Easter!

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  1. Great posting friend. Will be back to read more.

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