DIY Curling Circles Skirt

DIY Curling Circles Skirt

This skirt started out as an experiment in technique, and I think I really like how it turned out.
I have a serious need for more skirts in my wardrobe…well ones that I like anyway…so I thought I would start out with a skirt that is practical, yet whimsical.
I found this durable cotton knit fabric at a thrift store a while back, and it worked absolutely perfect for this project.  You can’t go wrong with navy blue, either!
The trim is MANY MANY circles cut out and sewn on.  They curl into themselves.
A bit tedious to sew, but quite an easy project!
The skirt itself was a piece of cake.  With Delia’s tutorial as a guide (minus the prego parts) I just
traced an existing straight skirt up to the waistline, and cut out identical front and back pieces for the
skirt.  Then I measured the lower part of my waist (where I wanted the skirt to hit) and took off a couple inches for stretch.  Then I made a 2″ wide yoga waistband and sewed it on! (I wish I had made it a little bit smaller…)
Hemmed it and done.
….Then the work starts.

Once your skirt is made…Lets work on the embellishment.

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