Simple Simon and Co

Simple Simon and Co

We have another sewing project for Pink Week Today!
We were thrilled when the ladies at Simple Simon & Co. agreed to guest post this week.
They have such amazing style and skills:
Hi.  I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters’ in law who blog at Simple Simon & Co.  And can I tell you how thrilled we are to be here at iCandy?  We first met Autie and Jen when we all competed in Project Run and Play…and we would swoon over their outfits and their photoshoots (especially the beach pictures—how we want to do a beach photoshoot with them!)  We simply ADORE their blog….it is such a great sewing place to be.
So, I am so thrilled to be here today celebrating a favorite color around this house with a….
The inspiration for this valentine shirt came the day that a bunch of dollar store carnations conveniently made their way through the washer and the dryer with a load of “reds”….and came out perfectly.  (Thanks to my lack of looking through the reds—in this case a brilliant mistake—but other times the same mistake has resulted in markers….argh….a fatal blow to the laundry load.)

But let’s just celebrate that it worked {this time}and became a $5 “think pink” Valentine tee shirt!

And if you would like to make one… is what you need:
* A pink tee (mine is Old Navy and was on sale last Spring) $3
* 2 bunches of dollar store pink carnations (you might want to throw one in the washer and dryer to make sure they will wash up.  I got mine at Dollar Tree.) Cost $2
* A piece of white copy paper to make a heart.
* A sewing pencil or disappearing marker to trace the heart on the shirt
First, fold your paper and cut out a heart shape. (I ended up cutting this one down, but forgot to take a picture—so just start smaller than this one.)  Trace the heart shape onto your tee shirt.
And you have a Valentine tee that a pinkalicious girl will absolutely adore!!!
Thanks Jen and Autie for such a great idea!  I seriously can’t wait to see how everyone else “thinks pink!”
Simple Simon & Co

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