Summer’s Comin’ Maxi Skirt

I’ve had my eye on that stinkin’ cute Maxi skirt on Elle Apparel ever since I found out I was pregnant.  I have been itching to make myself one, but didn’t have the ‘perfect’ fabric, and to be honest was nervous about getting my measurements right!
Anyways, Jen and I made a quick trip up to LA one day while our kids were in school…we hit our 2-3 favorite spots, and jetted home, and while we were there, I found this SUPER fun striped knit.
 It reminds me of summer, and I can hardly wait for weekdays at the beach, and, lets be honest, my tan!
 Leanne’s tutorial was great to follow…It worked out perfectly.  Here were my couple of hang-ups, just in case anyone else had the same hesitancy that I did!
Leanne tells you to measure your waist…ha ha.  since I’m further along in my pregnancy, I was nervous about where to measure, if I was going to measure myself correctly, where exactly I was to measure because my tummy is huge.  So, helpfully, she gives you her measurements, but she looks smaller than me (I’ve never seen her in real life…so I really have no idea how tall she is, etc) but she just looks teeny tiny…so, I was nervous to use her measurements!
Anyways, I finally just took her measurements and increased it by an inch on either side ( I don’t know!)
Well, long story short, I’ve taken it in twice on each side now…and I could probably stand to do it again, because the fabric is (obviously, and gratefully) so dang stretchy!
So, this is what Jen (the genius) says…have someone else measure you (imagine that) and then subtract 3 inches to allow for stretch!
otherwise…Leanne’s tut is rad, and I can’t wait to make another one!
try it out, and tell her we sent you!

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