(tutorial) Wet Wipe Clutch

About 3 1/2 years ago, our family moved to California from Arizona.  I miss a bunch of things about Arizona that California just doesn’t have…good fabric stores and quilt shops, and most especially, 2 stores: SAS Fabrics and Ribbons and Lace (a store chock full of ribbon, elastic trim for baby headbands and flower galore.  Lucky me, though, my in-laws still live in AZ and way back when, I bought the ingredients I would need to make a Wet Wipe Clutch, as seen as Ribbons and Lace. {and just got around to making it…grr}
 I had never seen a wipe case like it (though I’ve seen my fair share of cute wipe cases) and I haven’t seen one anywhere since then.  So, for all of you crafters out there that don’t live in AZ, and don’t have the opportunity to go to Ribbons and Lace, I thought I’d document how I made their Wet Wipe Clutch with a pseudo tutorial.  
Oh, and ps…they do have an online store (which is new-ish…at least to me) so you can get all of your stuff in one easy spot…and, they do sell them already made in a bunch of super cute colors.  {click here}
but if you’re a do-it-yourself kinda girl, here’s what I did to make mine:


12 1/2″ of 3″ wide Satin Ribbon
28″ of 4″ wide Wired Rose Ribbon
1 little bit of batting (I used 2 9 inch squares that I already had)
1 Wipes Case
Hot Glue Gun and several sticks!
(want to just buy a kit?  {click here})
 I started by taking the 9″ squares of batting, folding them in half and hot gluing them to both sides of the wipes case.  I just enjoy not being able to feel the existing opening on the top of the case…the batting covers it up perfectly!  (so, you should have 2 layers of batting, wipes case, and 2 more layers of batting.  See sandwich pic below.
 Remove the wire from your Rose Ribbon and cut your 28″ piece in half…you will have plenty of ribbon to cover both sides of the wipes case.  
Begin hot cluing the finished edge of the Rose Ribbon to the edge of the wipes case, making sure to leave plenty of room in the front to fold over.  Just draw a quick line of glue along the case (right along the lip) and press the finished edge into place.  After the edge is glued down, you can glue down the rest of the side.  
 Next, fold the ribbon over, making sure to pull it tight, and glue the other side down just the same way that you did the previous side.  Make sure you leave room (un-glued) for you to fold over the front edge of the ribbon on both sides…
 Then fold the front of your Rose Ribbon under itself as best as you can to the front of the wipes case, and flue the corners down.  I didn’t take pics of the corner gluing because it’s a two-handed process…just fold and glue, fold and glue!
The back of your wipes case should look like this:  I just tuck the ribbon into itself and glue it in place.
 Then, repeat for the other half of your ribbon, on the other side of your wipes case…this is what you should get:
 So, you can imagine what you do next…
Thread your satin ribbon through your rhinestone buckle, glue the buckle in place where you’d like it, and then from there, glue the ribbon down being careful to make sure that the satin ribbon covers the edges of the Rose Ribbon…AND folding the front edge under on both the top and bottom of the case.  
I hope that makes sense!
Aren’t they darling..they’re so fancy!!  Those girls at Ribbons and Lace are genius!

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