labeled canisters

I guess I’m nesting!
I haven’t sewn one single thing for my new baby that is coming April 2nd…{that date is looming over me, mind you…I better get my booty in gear!}
But, I have been organizing drawers and tubs, re-arranging rooms, scheming, and painting random little things that have been on my to-do list for what seems like forever!
So, I thought I’d share my last little project, on which, I have a crush.
my labeled canisters.
 I’ve slowly been collecting these OXO air-tight containers for months…pretty much I bought one a month because I felt like it wasn’t a necessity.  (I totally had enough canisters, they just didn’t happen to match, and it really bugged me)
Anyways, I finally have a complete set that fit perfectly on my shelf in my kitchen.  and while I could have just busted out my good old labeler, I wanted these to be suuuuper cute.
(yes, I ran out of vinyl before I could finish spaghetti! dang!)
and i have a crush!
(Cricut Cartridge font Sans Serif, 2 inch letters…3 inch paranthesis, using white vinyl)


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