Two Years Blessed

Today is a special day.
Not only is today Christmas Eve, but it is the birthday of my precious little boy.  

Two years ago today, we received a phone call that would change our lives (and family) forever.

After Emily, we tried to get pregnant for a couple of years, and finally went through a couple of (failed) rounds of IVF.  We found out from the doctor that I didn’t have very many eggs left and though my uterus was healthy, my ovaries were prematurely old.

It was devastating to say the least, but a few weeks later I knew I was supposed to adopt.  That strong feeling helped me get through that difficult time.  We signed up with an agency, filled out all of the paperwork, had interviews and visits, and finally got approved for placement the first week of November, 2009.

Back to Christmas Eve, 2009.
That morning, our little family of three went to Ruby’s for breakfast.  We were joking around about how perfect it would be if we got a baby before the end of the year.  Ha Ha- not gonna happen!

At close to 3pm, I was out in the garage working on last minute handmade Christmas gifts.  The phone rang.  It was our case worker.  I thought she was calling about something else, and told her sorry for having to work on Christmas Eve.  She said no, this is her favorite type of call to make!  She told us a baby boy was born in Detroit a couple hours before, and the birth mother chose us to be his parents.

Those Christmas presents never got finished…

(I’m getting emotional as I write this…)

Crazy. We had to book flights for the day after Christmas for all three of us, and make arrangements to stay in Michigan an undetermined amount of time.  We flew out that morning, and at 8pm EST we picked up our son from the downtown Detroit hospital.

It was surreal.  Birthmom had already gone home, and little Aaron was hanging out with the nurses waiting for our arrival.  When we held our son in our arms for the first time, there was no doubt he was meant to be in our family, no matter how he got here.

The past two years have been an amazing adventure as he has grown from sweet baby to curious, busy toddler.  I am filled with gratitude today for my beautiful boy.

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