(iCandy) Snow White Dress-up: fair to fairest of them all?

I don’t know about fairest of them all, but we’ll for sure say much fairer!
I got this Snow White dress from a garge sale...
it was my friend’s daughter’s way back in the day, and I snatched it up for my little Ivy (the poor girl has nooooo Princess dress-ups!  Can you believe it?!) for $1 (or maybe free)
 It was fair place to start.  It was a little dirty (whatever, that’s easy to fix) and I think it was made for a much bigger girl because it was super long… but above all, it was plain…So, I thought I’d try my hand at a little bling and make it a dazzling little dress-up.  
Here’s what I did:
-step one: wash!  minor stains came right out!
step 2: It was a tie-neck, and I’m lazy, and I don’t want to have to deal with tying and un-tying a dress up every time she wants it on.  So, I cut off the tie, (and actually picked out the seam and took off the collar) and sewed a seam right up the middle.  BUT, the material wasn’t stretchy, so I just cut out a triangle right out of the back, and put a piece of matching swimsuit material in instead for a little stretch.  
step 3: tulle…the skirt was just plain yellow, so I added a layer of tulle.  I doubled the length of the skirt, folded the tulle in half and then used elastic thread in my bobbin to gather it up…and then stitched it right below the existing elastic waistband.  easy
step 4: serge the edges (the before skirt just had a raw edge…i love my neighbor and her serger!
step 5: new collar.  My friend’s little girl has a Snow White dress up with a collar that sticks up in the back…it’s darling.  So I tried to replicate it.  I put some stabilizer in the fabric, attempted the basic shape, and after a couple wrestling matches and consultations with the pros, its on.  whew!
step 6: new trim on the front collar and shirring (elastic thread again…love the stuff!)
step 7: bling: I hand-stitched the big red jewel over the shirring, and then sequined up the raindrop shapes on each sleeve (not my favorite activity, sequining)
So, there’s one of Ivy’s presents…it’s scrappy, it’s not perfect, but I think she’ll love it!  
{fingers crossed}
now on to my next project!

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