(iCandy) Children’s Christmas Book Countdown (18-24)

So here are my last few books that we read for our Christmas Children’s book countdown.  If you missed the first two posts, here they are:
My Favorites are bolded…and like I said, we don’t have activities for this week, because we will be having way too much fun playing at The Ranch.  I hope you guys check out at least a couple of my favs!
 December 18th: Rudolph Shines Again by Robert L. May
December 19th: Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight? by Jerry Pallotta and David Piedrzycki
{we like this one because Ivy’s name is on the good girl list!…do you ever check Santa’s list in Children’s books?!  We even looked for our names in Disneyland’s It’s a Small World!  Never hurts to know where you stand!}
December 20th:  A Christmas Dress for Ellen by Thomas S. Monson
{total tear jerker…love Pres. Monson’s stories}
 December 21st: The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck
This book was originally a book….for big people, but it was made into a children’s book, also!
 December 22nd: A Cricket’s Carol by Mark Kimball Moulton
December 23rd: A Christmas Bell for Anya by Chris Stewart
Holy serious tear jerker…such a good story
 December 24th: Christmas Prayer by Rian Anderson
captures the true spirit of Christmas!
…and of course, on the 25th, you can read the Real Christmas Story in Luke!
I hope you have a merry Christmas with your family!

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