(tutorial) thankful banner

Since it’s still November, and we’re still in Thanksgiving mode, I thought I’d, again, post a project from last year that I did, that…yes, again…was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids.
I’ve included the pattern {here}if you’d like to break out your felt and 1 long piece of rope and make one really fast.  So, I guess this isn’t really a tutorial as much as just the idea with the pattern, but here she is anyway!
 I hand-stitched the veins in each leaf, then hand-stitched the letters to each leaf, and lastly, machine-stitched around each leaf to adhere them to the felt backing.  (the back of each rectangle shows nothing by the machine-stitched leaf shape).  I believe the original  PBK banner was on green felt, but I used what I had! 
and if you really want to see what the original looked like, I scanned the pic I had from the catalogue last year.  
To string the letters together, I simple folded the top of each felt rectangle over about an inch or so, machine-stitched the casing, and threaded my piece of rope through each casing.  easy…

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