Three-Part Harmony Skirt…Grown Up a Bit

This past week, we had two extra kids staying with us while their parents got to go to France.  Lucky them
One of them, who is 12 years old, is taking sewing lessons back home. She was excited to do a couple of projects with me while she was staying with us.
I thought a nice and easy skirt would be just the thing.  She chose some fabric from my stash,
and we got busy.
She sewed most of it herself with just a tiny bit of help from me.
Now she can go home and make herself some more of them!

We did a skirt based on the Three-Part Harmony dress, just didn’t attach a shirt to it.  We also made it less full.  I loved the different look.  So nice to know that this skirt looks great as a straighter skirt, and looks good grown up a bit.  I am determined to make myself a few!

The total width of the fabric was 1.5 times her waist measurement, instead of double, and we also added a bit of ric-rac trim at the bottom.

I am so proud of her, she did such a great job!  And she loves how it turned out.
That’s the best.

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