(iCandy) Ivy’s Quilt

I have to brag about my Mom today.
A few months ago, my daughter Ivy got this package from “Mar Mar” all the way up in western Washington.
Inside was this amazing quilt that Ivy can’t get enough of.
It’s her Ivy quilt, and on it are old songs that my Grandma and Great Grandma used to sing that have the word “ivy” in it, as well as some of the nicknames we call Ives.
It’s amazing, and I wanted to share it with all of you.
All of the ‘Ivy’s’ are hand-stitched in green, while all the other words are a blue color…and there’s one song that has ‘I love you’ in it, and that is stitched in red.  It’s bordered out in minky, which is why Ives loves to cuddle with it, and it’s just the most special gift from my mom, that I think she’ll love for forever!
here’s one of the fun songs that Grandy and BooBoo used to sing.  Have you heard it?
when you sing it, it sounds crazy…
but here’s the translation:
 Just had to share it with you!
happy monday!

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