DIY The Making of a Flag

DIY The Making of a Flag

I don’t mean to claim to be an expert of flag making, but I was recently asked to create a flag for a local Boy Scout Leadership Training group that a friend of ours was a member of, called Wood Badge.  Most of the time, if I haven’t done something before, I would never agree to making it for someone else, but I thought I might be able to handle this particular challenge.
I had an idea of what I wanted the flag to look like, of course, but didn’t really have any idea how to make a “flag” from the rectangle of fabric that I would stitch stuff to.  With a quick call to my MIL, it seemed easy, so I thought I’d share with you all what I didn’t originally think about, and give you an quick and easy tut on how to make a random flag!
(Not the front…that’s nothing…You all already know how to do that…I just traced their logo onto some heat-n-bond, adhered it to my felt colors, and then stitched each piece on individually.)
But the part that makes a piece of fabric turn into a flag…here we go!

The first key word that clued me in, was just to make is pillowcase style…duh!

That way, I’d hide all my beautiful stitches from the design on the front, and make it extra stable.
The second was to make the edge, where it would hang from a flag pole, much like you would the strap of a purse (only I didn’t use any stabilizer), so this is how I did it:
I hope that helps someone down the line!

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