My Continental United States

My Continental United States

Well, I’m excited to show you what other little projects I’ve been up to (I’d say ‘during’ Project Run and Play” but honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for extra curricular activities!) since Project Run and Play came a knockin’.
My kids and I visited my Mom and Dad up in Seattle back in August, while we were there, I got to spend some quality crafting time with my sister, sister in law and mom…THIS is the project that encompassed ALL of our crafting time.  It was seriously time-consuming, but we were so excited about it the whole time we could hardly stand it!
My Continental United States of America
 I flew back to Cali with a completed map in my suitcase, but the frame took a while to get, and what with PR&P, this project was sort of put on the back burner…but I’m sooo excited to have it done, and can’t wait to hang it up in my daughter, Ivy’s room!
We got the inspiration for this project here.  BUT the way she originally did this was to print a map off of the computer, cut out each state, then cut it out again out of fabric…Her idea was fabulous, but I don’t think my patience would hang!  So, we cut our states out with our Cricut, (I’d never cut fabric with my Cricut before, and it was awesome) and then after ironing them into place, we stitched around the perimeter of each state.
I omitted Alaska and Hawaii because my frame wasn’t big enough to hold them (and this sucker is 2’x3′)
Anyway, such a fun project!  I hope you guys are inspired to make your own!
ps…want a new good place to get a good deal on cricut cartridges and accessories, like the 50 states cartridge that I used for this project?, check out this site!
ps…i linked this project to a bunch of these fun blogs!  go check them out!

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  1. Hi Autie,
    I love your fifty states map! Like you I have seen the other tutorials on hand cutting the states…ugh, no patience for that. Using the Cricut 50 state cartridge, were the states all the appropriate size, or did you have to resize them?

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