from bed to bud

from bed to bud

When we were pondering what to make for this week’s re-purposing challenge,
Autie’s first thought
was the dresses made from curtains in the Sound of Music.
We liked the idea of making clothing out of something intended for another purpose.
As we continued to brainstorm, we decided to make a dress.


We came up with the design first, and then I remembered an old sheet that doesn’t fit any of my beds.
I rummaged in my linen closet and found it!
It has a subtle leaf design/texture, which was perfect since our dress is floral inspired.
We loved the color, a simple cream, and thought a touch of black (stripes made with ribbon) would be the perfect accent.(Sorry about the subpar pics, it started to get dark and 
I had to use my limited editing skills to make them passable!)


We cut 30! petals in 3 different sizes, pleated the tops, and sewed them on, overlapping all over the place.  We then topped our petal-esque skirt with a simple bodice with a boat neck and tiny capped sleeves, and completed the look with a giant flower headband!

So now, go VOTE!

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