Project Run and Play Challenge 1: Back to School

Project Run and Play Challenge 1: Back to School

Here is our first design for Project Run & Play… We hope you like it!When I first began thinking about this challenge, I was a bit stumped.  All I could picture was jeans and t-shirts and a big Hello Kitty (or other character) backpack.  But I kept on thinking and thinking, and finally my idea came to me…

A variation of the school uniform. With a backpack, of course!
In my world, this is what a school uniform should look like.  Since I am obsessed with stripes, that was my first requirement for the skirt.  As I sketched out the skirt, I wanted a preppy-ish top to go with it, and love the tie- front blouse trend.


Of course, the outfit needed a bit of a pop, so I created a cardigan, inspired by a crew cuts sweater.
 I love the ombre trend as well, so I hand-dyed some knit jersey in varying shades of
 turquoise to create that effect.
As for my backpack, I laminated each piece of fabric with iron-on clear vinyl.  It was a bit painstaking,
but I love how it turned out!  I used some of the fabric from the backpack for the buttons
on the skirt and cardi.
While we were taking pictures, we had a cute little visitor who wasn’t shy at all.
At first, Emily didn’t know what to think, but then she got a kick out of it!



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