Project Runway mini-Mav

Project Runway mini-Mav

When we put our two heads together for this week’s Boy challenge, Jen and I agreed that we would create a little old-fashioned aviator.  Really, how much more studly can you get than Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  So, for the boy challenge, we thought we’d try to replicate that Maverick look, little boy style.
We found an over-sized, thrifted men’s leather jacket from Salvation Army and a women’s brown, ribbed sweater from Godowill.  We loved the look of the roughed-up leather and preferred that to buying yardage of pristine “pleather” from the fabric store.  After piecing and piecing, and hours of blood, (literally) sweat, and tears…Jen, alone, came up with our little mini-Mav.

Also with scraps from that same leather jacket, Jen made an old-fashioned aviator helmet to go with the bomber jacket- complete with fur-lined ear-protection and neck strap.
We added a painted bulls-eye tee and aviator sunglasses and combat boots to complete the look.

Please go over to Project Run and Play and vote for that little Maverick look-alike!

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